Revolution Cleaners is Unique

  • Revolution is Denver’s first recaptured liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) cleaner.

Revolution Cleaners is Safe

  • Revolution only uses carbon dioxide (what we breathe out, and what makes bubbles in your soda) and water to clean.

Other dry cleaners use toxic substances

  • Perchlorethylene–Most cleaners use perchlorethylene (perc) as the primary cleaning solvent. This substance is highly toxic. It is a known pollutant and a possible carcinogen. It can be hazardous to your health and to the environment.
  • Silicone–A few self-proclaimed environmental cleaners use a product called “GreenEarth”. This is a silicone-based product and was recently linked to cancer in rats and liver failure in humans.
  • Hydrocarbons–Some cleaners use a hydrocarbon product called DF2000, which is a man-made petroleum-based product.

Revolution Cleaners Protects Your Clothes

  • Revolution helps protect your investment in your clothes. Revolution’s cleaning method is the only one currently on the market that doesn’t require heat to dry your clothes. Heat is very hard on clothes because it sets stains, results in shrinkage, breaks down fibers, and causes colors to fade.

Revolution Cleaners is Price Competitive

    Revolution is competitive with other area full service cleaners. In addition, Revolution doesn’t tack on additional environmental charges. Other cleaners pass on their regulatory clean up fees to you as an additional cost. We don’t pollute and don’t have to pay those fees.

Revolution Cleaners Cares About the Environment

  • We use renewable sources as much as we can. We use clean burning alternative fuels for all of our vans and we use wind energy to run our plant and stores. Our laundry bags and uniforms are made from hemp and we use renewable cork and bamboo in our stores.

Revolution Cleaners is Committed to Customer Service

  • We’ll provide you with an excellent product and make sure that it meets your expectations. If we fail to come through on our end, we’ll make it right.